New Features Alert

New Features Alert

Change is inevitable, and sometimes we make you update! Here is why...

If you do not have your phone set up to automatically update WAAVE you will be missing out on really awesome new features...

When we add ANYTHING to your WAAVE app we do so, based on your feedback and comments, this update is geared towards helping you discover the perfect dishes!

Top reasons why we made you update WAAVE

1. You now eat with WAAVE Our users drink a lot but with 110+ venues, food is a thing now! so is Takeaway! and unless you Takeaway your way... :) you won't be happy... so... introducing.... Modifiers!!!

Build your perfect dish and make sure that when WAAVE says: Ready to pick up! You will be picking up exactly what you wanted.

2. The environment matters: Did you hear that? WAAVE-ers get together for drinks a lot! and one of our new features is the ability to let the venue know... PLEASE DON'T GIVE ME A STRAW!

that's right with 181,125 drinks sold on WAAVE we started to do the math and realized that if we all say NO to straws we can save a lot of sea turtles! If you need the actual data read more...

3. New WAAVE Vouchers: While we focus on convenience and giving you better, faster service everywhere you go, we also know you enjoy a good deal. So in this app version, we are introducing WAAVE Vouchers... apply the discount to any order once and enjoy a good discount on us! Keep WAAVE-ing and you will see more benefits coming your way!

4. WAAVE Bottles: You know when you buy a bottle and you ask the bar to hold it for you... and then it always looks like someone drank from it? That is no longer a valid fear. Buy a bottle, claim the individual drinks whenever you want... we will give you a list of venues using this new features very soon... all we can say is that the test users LOVE it!

More changes are coming... some of them are pretty remarkable so if you haven't yet, please Like us on FB to hear about what is WAAVE-ing out there first!

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