New Features on WAAVE

New Features on WAAVE

Mainly because we can't stop listening to your requests... or maybe because we care so darn much... regardless... here is a little recap of what is new with WAAVE 💙 #WAAVE4it #MoreFeatures #MoreRewards #AlwaysFasterService

Whether we are saving you time or saving you money we always have your user experience in mind. And while we know there are always improvements to be made we do our very best to never stop developing... we do it for you WAAVE-ers.


Keep an eye out for this banner!

Dinning Off Peak with WAAVE pays off. No reservation needed, just pop up at participating venues and order with WAAVE. Nope, no promo codes either!

During the day, discounts can be as deep as 50% and they apply to the entire bill

WAAVE Dinner Voucher

Planning a night out, dinner and a bottle of wine sounds lovely.

Did you know that you can save money by purchasing a Dinner Voucher in advance?

For example, let's say that your dinner is tomorrow 8 PM buy an $80 voucher and get $100 to apply towards your WAAVE Bill

Vouchers need to be purchased 24 hrs in advance... so plenty of room for spontaneity.

How to buy and use WAAVE Dinner Voucher:

1. Buy the WAAVE Dinner Voucher from the menu of the venue you will visit tomorrow

2. Select the time you'll arrive at the venue (this is not a reservation, but it will alert the staff of the visit)

3. Your Voucher will appear under FREEBIE

4. After you are shown to your table, go ahead and order with WAAVE but don't forget to apply the voucher to your first bill!

You can save up to 50% on your meal!

WAAVE Bottles

This feature is a bar dream! And you will like it too if you always go for bottle service.

When you leave a bottle with your name at the bar, it is hard to track how much alcohol is left in it, or remember how long it is going to be kept for.

Purchase a WAAVEBottle instead! You buy a "Digital" bottle and you get 27 individual shots to redeem anytime! So you got 2 extra shots, you get to always know how much you have left and your "bottle" never expires.

Oh and you get to customize each drink you order :) Check out how easy it is!

In this video we even show you where the "Another Round" button is!

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