October Highlights on WAAVE

October Highlights on WAAVE

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

So many events, so many new venues and new features too! Check out all you need to know this month to make it an EPIC October!


1. Back to the 80s: The Brightside Celebrates their 1 year anniversary and if you have been there before you know you are in for a LARGE night. October 13 Dress up and Get your TIX

2. Cartoons Underground: No ticket needed just RSVP so we know you are coming... Stalls will run on WAAVE at our favorite of the grid venue, Kult Kafe.

3. Into the Blue: Free Flow of Blue wine and oysters... yes BLUE wine, aren't you curious? so are we Get your TIX

4. Trumpet Z & the Boogie: Another hit at Choice Cuts, we love these events at the ultimate record store Get your TIX and learn more this one is a treat!

New WAAVE Venues

1. BKK: This might sound like an unusual match for WAAVE but this guys can sure serve good food cheap and fast.... and now even faster when you order with WAAVE. It is opened till 3 am hint, hint!

2. High Fusion Sky Bar: A rooftop with tapas and whisky, located at the Seacare Hotel table service only

3. Gallery & Co: Read everything about this work of art of a cafe and how WAAVE will make you love them even more

4. Little Creatures Brewing (coming soon!) We can barely contain ourselves... but this little Cherub is joining WAAVE

5. C-Side Group: Looks like half of Sentosa is on WAAVE... you are right! read more about what to expect at Coastes and their sister venues..

New Features

1. Promo Tab: This is a great UI enhancement. Every venue now has a promo tab that shows you, their loyalty, memberships available and all the FREEBIES you have available to redeem. It will also show you their contact info in case you need to call them about a takeaway order!

2. WAAVE Vouchers: Let's say you plan to go out for a big night... how about you get more bang for your money by purchasing a WAAVE Voucher in advance? You can usually get about 20% more credits.

For example, $80 gets you a $100 voucher to apply to your next bill at your favorite WAAVE restaurant.

3. WAAVE Off Peak: We love this one. WAAVE venues now give you deep discounts when you use the app at off peak hours.

Look for these banners in-app

Turn on your notifications so you don't miss a single Off Peak


1. Another Round

That little icon at the top of your screen will replicate your last order with one single tap, because who has time to customize the next "Vodka & Soda, tall glass, mixer on the side and no straw!" One tap... all that stuff again!

2. Favorites

The app saves your favorites based on the time of the day... smart right? If you have never been there before it will show you the venue's best sellers!

3. Understanding your FREEBIES

The FREEBIES categories is where you find all the good stuff that you earn through loyalty cards, voucher or WAAVE Bottles

Look at it on your phone....

This is what it looks like on the menu

You have 3 free coffees to redeem from your loyalty!

23 Ketle One Vodka shots from your WAAVEBottle A $3 off from Honestbee... did you know that Honestbee users get and additional $3 off everywhere they go? Checkout their rewards section

A WAAVE Dinner Voucher to apply to your next visit...

There you go... everything that is good about life is under your FREEBIES in every WAAVE menu!

Email us if you have any questions! Hey@getwaave.com

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