Pro-Tips: Chapter 1

Pro-Tips: Chapter 1

Shortcuts and features that you didn't know WAAVE has... and is time you discover!

Another Round Button

The more customized your drink is the more annoying it is to reorder it. And if you are at a bar drinking with friends you want to be swift!

Use the Another Round Button! It will repeat the exact same order and drop it into your cart with one tap.

All you have to do is tap on Order & Pay to send your request directly to the bartender


"My Favorites" is a category in every venue, it will help you find your usual orders fast. Not only it saves what you normally order at that venue but it also displays it based on the time of the day.

Your Breakfast favorites will not be the same as your Happy Hour favorites. And if you have never been to that WAAVE venue before it will display the most popular items at that time of the day.

Ask for help!

Did you know that WAAVE has a BOT? Yeap! It can answer some of the most common questions but it can also help you explore new venues, events and deal. We use it for everything even for one-on-one customer support. All you have to do is say "Live Chat" and someone from Team WAAVE will come to the rescue.

Try it out! Chat with the WAAVE Bot

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