Welcome to WAAVE!

Welcome to WAAVE!

What a cashless day looks like...

Say Hello to WAAVE!

Thank you for visiting us and saying hi to WAAVE!

The WAAVE app is here to change how you experience transactions everywhere you go.

Get better service at bars and restaurants, skip the token queue at mainstream events, stop looking for an ATM at pop up parties... from now on you can leave your wallet at home as long as you are part of this Social Mobile Wallet.

A Cashless day is possible.

You wake up late and need to get to work ASAP, so you use Uber to get a driver. On the way to the office you realize that there will be no food for the dog by the time you come home... so you place a RedMart order.

Lunch is on a rush (your boss is extra demanding today) you have no time to wait in line for your favorite kebab, so you use WAAVE to place the order and by the time you reach Circular Rd, your food is ready to pick up, no extra charges. All you have to do is show your phone ... no cash or Nets needed, no queue to pay... ever.

Drinks O'clock is finally here, Club Street is busy, your table is packed and you can't get the staff's attention... Order your drinks with WAAVE, specify your table number and your drink will be delivered to you.

Suddenly you realize it is your mate,s birthday party in Keong Saik, you can't make it but you send him $50 WAAVE credits so he can have a few drinks on you at his favorite bar.

Time to go home, no bills to split, no credit card left behind... and no waiting around for the check, WAAVE gets you better service but also better prices because all your orderers are cheaper than if you order the old fashion way.

Your entire day went by, while your wallet sat on your bedside table all day.

If you are ready to #ridethecashlesswaave please download the app and join the rest of Singapore in saying... Hello WAAVE!

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