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Welcome to WAAVE!

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Go cashless and earn cash back!

Say Hello to WAAVE!

Thank you for visiting us and saying hi!

The WAAVE app is here to change how you experience transactions everywhere you go.

Get better service at bars and restaurants, skip the token queue at mainstream events, AND stop looking for an ATM at dispensaries...

1. Use WAAVE Credits at retailers #NocashNoproblem

Link your favorite payment method to the app and pay with WAAVE Credits. You can top up in advance for greater discounts or WAAVE-as-you-go, the app will get the exact amount of credits you need for each transaction.

Learn more about how WAAVE Credits work right here

2. Get cash back! WAAVE is the first cash back frequent flyer program for the cannabis industry. It is super simple, every order earns you credits that you can use at the same merchant the next time you visit. No credit card does this for you!

3. More rewards.... Merchants will tailor their reward programs to your needs, imagine having a membership with special prices every single day? Or how about digital loyalty stamps? so you never ever miss a chance to get a FREEBIE? That's what WAAVE does for you... The best part is that you don't have to checkin on their iPad, your info is yours and it stays on your phone.

4. A world beyond cannabis WAAVE has helped hundreds of events go off the grid, 100% cashless and hardware free. You will be able to use WAAVE at coffee shops, markets, events and restaurants too.

If you are ready to #ridethecashlessWAAVE please download the app and start paying for your favorite things with the most rewarding app in Portland... Hello WAAVE!

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