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Thank you for an amazing 2023!

Thank you for an exceptional 2023!

Dear Valued Reader,

As we wave goodbye to 2023, I extend heartfelt gratitude to all our clients and partners, celebrating the leaps and bounds we have experienced this year at WAAVE.

WAAVE's mission remains ever-clear - to simplify the complex terrain of compliant payment processing for our merchants. High-risk? We see it differently. These are just industries with additional compliance hurdles, which we readily embrace for you.

In our relentless commitment to secure businesses and provide peace of mind, we've implemented meticulous ID checks and require COAs. Our proactive measures have one objective: to prevent our valued merchants from facing MATCH listings, unwarranted lawsuits, and hefty government fines for merely trading in perfectly legal products.

Now, let's rewind 2023 – it has been an action-packed year for us:

  • Security is our defining trait - this resulted in the launch of WaaveSonar, a revolutionary anti-fraud tool, becoming a new standard for high-risk merchants.

  • We celebrated being certified as PCI DSS Level 1, fortifying our shield of security standards for card data.

  • Recognition knocked at our doorstep when Financial Services Review hailed us among the top 10 credit card processors.

  • Shaping important narratives, we delved into the nuances of Kratom legislation on Tampa Bay Morning Blend.

  • Taking giant strides, we partnered with ECWID and Konnektive, amplifying our service offerings.

  • We found ourselves under the spotlight in both LA Weekly and LA Collide, for our pioneering work in high-compliance payments.

As the calendar turns over to another year, WAAVE renews its unflinching resolve to shield industries, Kratom, CBD, Vapes, Cannabinoids, and Nutraceuticals, with its robust and trusted compliant payment processing prowess. 

To our cherished clients and readers, thank you for being a part of WAAVE's exciting journey. May the holiday season bring joy and warmth to you and your loved ones, and may 2024 be your best year yet!


Silvana Carpanelli-Hayes


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