The Brightside -5 reason why this bar will make your nights epic

The Brightside -5 reason why this bar will make your nights epic

New WAAVE Venue Review

Somehow there is a misconception out there... fun relaxed bars are ONLY good for drinking beer. Fancy lounges with mixologists are the ONLY place to get a good cocktail...

The WAAVE Team wants to set the record straight and share with you what we found tucked away in the charming Duxton Hill.

Behold, The Brightside, and if Monty Python comes to mind you are on the right track. There is a joyful feeling in the air and chilled vibe we believe these are the top 5 reasons why you will love this place as much as we do.

5. Location, Location, Location (and a lot of cuteness)

Duxton Hill might well be one the most picturesque streets in Singapore, you won't normally just walk by unless you work in a shophouse-office in the area so it has become more of a destination. With illustrious neighbors like Lucha Loco and Latteria, the area is known for quality products but also for punchy checks. The street has been brighten up by this newcomer in more ways than one.

In this prestigious location attention to detail is a must, all venues have been envisioned to attract a quality clientele so decor becomes paramount in the process of opening a new venue.

The Brightside has a fresh and inviting look, with yellows and greens that call for you to come in and meet new people. It is a very cute place. Yes I know we said cute! but it is hard to help oneself when the floors are grass and the light bulbs shine brightly on the colorful artwork.

4. Say CHEERS!

...Sometimes you want to be... where everybody knows your name...

If you have been looking for a bar where you feel at home, this might be the perfect extension of your living room.

My the first visit was a total success, arrived alone and around 6 pm in deperate need of a Vodka & Soda and within 10 minutes I was being greeted by the owner, introduced to a table or regulars and offered to try a "Bloody Mary that will change your life!"

A few drinks into the evening the table of regulars I had joined expanded to the entire outdoor area and that chat has gone from sports to traveling, from AI to blockchain and from politics to religion and everything with a lot of laughter and new friendly faces.

3. Happy Hour is kind of a non-stop thing here

The Brightside has an official happy hour from 4 PM to 8 PM and you can get any 2 Half Pints for $8 or any two premium spirits for $22 and $28 bottles of wine (very decent Chilean wine btw) and $88 bottles of bubbly.

Cocktails are $15 all night long (will tell you more about this later!) and if you order with WAAVE you get a free cocktail every time to pay for 5. They are using our brand new Loyalty Programs Feature so it is actually super smooth to order, pay and redeem!

2. There is bar food and then there is THIS soup!

The food is Thai inspired but with a lot of little red dot influence. It is perfect for snacks while you drink but the main dishes are awesome for dinner... I predict this place will be a wonderful lunch spot very soon.

The Pork Buns are wonderful and the portions are large so you can certainly share, we also tried the Fish Tacos with pineapple salsa, very refreshing and super crunchy.

The homemade spicy sauce is out of this world and they will even sell you a large portion to take home with you. (yeayyy!) For those of you (us) who need the perfect bite while drinking try the Spam Fries.

No one ever asked for bar food and said, Soup, please! But open your mind and order the Beef Noodle Soup, it is addictive and the most flavourful thing you'll eat this week. Just don't tell your mother it is better than hers.

1. Low key bartender, High marks on concoctions

This is a bar that respects a good cocktail, gets them on the table in about 7 minutes (not 30!), and offers a long list of classics with a twist.

They make their Bloody Mary with chili vodka rather than Tabasco sauce, their Very Mai Tai is fresh and remarkably less sweet than others I have tried in town.

We also tried the Hendricks Martini and it was perfect and balanced. The overall winner of the night was The Porn Star, we won't tell you what's in it just cause you should come over and try it for yourself. They have a cocktail called Smokin' Sunit named after their #1 regular, kind of sets the tone for a little bar that we believe is about to do great things.

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