Valentine's Day happening on WAAVE

V-day WAAVE-ing suggestions

We tell you where to go and what to order.... it is up to you who you bring along!

Single or attached V-day is one of the most fun silly "holidays" in the calendar. Great excuse to drink champagne and eat chocolate if you ever needed one.

We have spent a lot of time curating the occasions where loads of champagne is justified and Valentine's Day ranks as high in the charts as packing boxes for moving. That's right, try it next you have to pack even a suitcase, champagne makes it so much more bearable.

February 14th is just around the corner, so here are our top suggestions for the evening...

4. Pink Themed Girls Night Out

Get the crew together and head to Pandora. We love it cause it is casual and yet has the best lineup of pink bubbly in Singapore. Is like being in a picnic in the middle of the city ... Don't drink on an empty stomach, order their awesome mini pork pies... yums!

This place is perfect for groups, order with WAAVE to avoid splitting the bill dramas. Heads up, no table numbers here so make sure to ask the staff where you are sitting.

3. Let's have a weird night

Here is the crazy option, how about a night of prawning? Pair up and head to BKK for drinks and some night prawn-fishing, right? It is good to keep things weird specially if your nights out feel like they are all the same groundhog day style. Smash the routing this Thursday, you can WAAVE from your prawining spot, each place has a table number you can use to get your drinks faster!

2. Club Meatballs

Here is the Anti-Valentine's day option... Head down to Club Meatballs and enjoy a cold Pure Blonde, brand new on their guest tap. Yes, there is nothing romantic about it, you can get the guys together, (those who have no dates at least!) and drink like it is... well, any Thursday! At least you will be served first because WAAVE orders enjoy priority service here.

1. Champagne and Romance

This one is for the romantics out there... Have you been to Bar-Celona lately? Perfect place for a date on the beautiful Duxton Hill setting, it will NOT kill your WAAVE Credits as the prices are very reasonable. They have wonderful oysters and Spanish inspired tapas.

Enjoy the evening wherever you go, #WAAVE4it and enjoy the discounts! Don't have the app? Get it here

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