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WAAVE Checkout: the new HIGH-light in your online shopping experience.

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

When you shop online you want to feel secure, you want to protect your privacy and most importantly you don't want to work too hard to place your order... we got you!

Ecommerce is not always as smooth as you would want it to be especially when you are shopping on smaller sites that only take money orders or bitcoin. With this in mind, we developed WAAVE Checkout, a little button that helps you pay for anything with your debit card or credit card.

How it works

You'll add things to your cart as you normally do but when it's time to checkout, instead of selecting money order (who wants to do that!) or Bitcoin (who understands that!) you click on the WAAVE Checkout button.

You register once and log in again anytime you want to pay for an order. Sounds familiar? We modeled the flow after checkout solutions you already use to make it easier for you.

After you placed your first order you can download the app and see all history in-app. Remember you can use WAAVEPay when you are shopping at retail stores.

Compare us to Bitcoin

It is time you purchase with confidence and without having to educate yourself on Cryptocurrencies. With WAAVE you are buying a stable coin and sending it directly to the merchant. But unlike the current Bitcoin solutions, you do not have to set up a complicated wallet, worry about fluctuations, or do all this and suffer shipment delays.

WAAVE Checkout gives you a sleek one-click solution that can be used with debit cards or credit cards. If you are curious about fees, we have good news, WAAVE doesn't charge any additional fees. To understand fees betters you can learn more here

We know you don't want a crypto education and you just want to purchase with confidence, hey sometimes you don't even want to get up and look for your credit card... so #WAAVE4it.

Compare us with ACH

We get asked a lot "How are we different from ACH apps and checkout features?

Well, we are very much not the same!

Here are the Top 5 differences between WAAVE and an ACH payment

  1. You do not have to share your bank account and routing number when you WAAVE

  2. You certainly don't have to give us your Social Security Number

  3. You don't even have to upload your ID

  4. With WAAVE you are not at risk of bad players emptying your bank account. Because we let you use your debit card giving you a whole extra layer of protection

  5. End-user protection is very important to us, so we mediate in case there is an issue with your order.

Have a favorite site you think needs our awesome new feature? Go ahead and submit it here, if they join WAAVE based on your recommendation we'll give you $100 in WAAVE Credits to spend on your next shopping spree :)

Happy WAAVE-ing!

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