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WAAVE events are a thing in Asia...

When WAAVE launched in Singapore in 2016, it changed how people party... really!

If you are using WAAVEPay at merchants around Portland you must be wondering what else this handy little app can do?

Well, in Asia, we are pretty famous for facilitating smooth transactions at concerts, sports events, dance parties, and festivals.

WAAVE is an awesome events app because we make your dreams come true... We bring you amazing parties where you don't waste time waiting in line... your beer comes to you much faster.

WAAVE concerts are fantastic because you don't have to look for ATMs to enjoy the bar and missing out on the show because everyone is taking forever processing credit cards is no longer a frustration.

When you WAAVE at an event you cut your waiting time in HALF! One bar or twenty bars, it doesn't matter, the app lets you hop from one spot to the other without ever having to hand over your credit card or dig in your pocket for cash.

Pick what you want from the menu, add to your cart and place the order. Approach the bartender and show your GREEN receipt in-app, they'll close the order on your phone with a few taps. Result! You walk away with your beer fast, no holding up the queue, complete cashless smoothness :)

You'll soon get to experience WAAVE Events in America. All you have to do is set up your favorite payment method ahead of time. WAAVE events usually sell tickets through our Ticket Portal so you can kill two birds with one app.

WAAVEPay, WAAVE Events, WAAVE Tickets... we focus on the fun things in life and we make them better. WAAVE Events don't give you Cashback but you'll see discounts in-app and brand loyalty promos.

Download the app HERE

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