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WAAVE Loyalty "Stamps"

No stamps, No cards, No iPads to register in... #JustWAAVE

Want more from your favorite dispensary? Show them love and they'll love you back!

Because Loyalty Rocks, we are introducing an awesome new feature... WAAVE Loyalty Programs! No cards, no stamps, and your info is yours, no need to "check-in"... every time you buy a qualifying item you get closer to collecting a freebie.

You simply cannot forget the loyalty card again! We got your back, all you have to do is WAAVE

Let's say that your favorite dispensary offers Buy 5 edibles, get the 6th on us! All you have to do is buy 5 qualifying items with WAAVE and your 6th one will appear in the menu under FREEBIES. The more you WAAVE the more you will love the FREEBIES category in the menu... it always shows at the top :)

You can claim it whenever you want! And you can collect a few before redeeming, the app always keeps track of how many freebies you have available.

Loyalty "stamps" are available when you order from the menu, so you can even pre-order and pick up later in the day. No waiting in the queue, show your ID and your WAAVE in-app receipt for verification.

Because WAAVE venues have lots to offer, some might have more than one Loyalty Program going on at the same time!

If you are not on WAAVE yet... go ahead and download the app, it's time you get faster service, better prices and earn rewards!

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