WAAVE is NOT just another payment app!

WAAVE is NOT just another payment app!

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

"When you develop an app, you hope to solve a problem. WAAVE's goal was never solving a payment problem, but alleviating the customer's frustration at bars, coffee shops, restaurants, and events."
Silvana Carpanelli-Hayes, Founder

You can pay 100 ways these days...

Five reasons why WAAVE is NOT a payment app and why you need it!

Here are the top 5 reasons WAAVE is different!

5. Cashless payment is just a necessity in an effort to expedite service

WAAVE is not a payment app -- we are a convenience app that lets you control your ordering everywhere you go. BUT, to make sure you don't wait to pay, we must include a cashless payment process.

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Soon you will see an option to select PayLah! and other major e-wallets coming to the market... We want you to have a better experience, and we want you to be able to use your preferred payment source.

There are two ways to WAAVE:

1) Top up in advance This is very popular with our superusers! It gives you a deeper discount. You simply need to add funds to your WAAVE account. Select CREDITS as your payment method when you place your order in the app!

2) WAAVE as you go Link your bank card and start ordering... This is perfect for those of you with a fear of commitment! If you have ApplePay or GooglePay,

Pro Tip: At events you can do cash Top Ups too!

4. We don't make you mess around with QR Codes

Nothing bad about QR Codes - but let's face it, you look pretty silly scanning those things at the table or when people are waiting behind you in line.

Did you get faster table service? NO

Did you get your takeaway without queuing? NO

And if you do it because you're into rewards.... WAAVE has even more ways to save! Cash-back, points rewards, membership discounts and loyalty cards. Each venue crafts their own program just for you! Saving money is important, and so is convenience!

3. You don't have to queue with the rest of the crowd, you order ahead and collect

WAAVE has 3 different service modes depending on where you are.

1) Order ahead and collect While everyone else waits in line for coffee or to order lunch, you place your order 15 minutes in advance... then all you have to do is show up at the pick up area and get your order! You'll be in and out while everyone else is queueing, we promise.

2) Bar pick up At events we run hardware free bars. You order on your phone, show the green receipt to the first bartender you see, and walk away happy! Bye bye drink tokens and bye bye adding money to wristbands - we just want you to get your drinks faster!

2. You can order from your table and have full control of your bill

Table Service Sit down, order from your phone and wait for your food and drinks to arrive. No waiting for service ROCKS, not having to double check the bill for 'surprise extras' is wonderful, and you have full control of your spending.

WAAVE-ers join a table of friends without having to worry about ever splitting a bill, everyone runs their own orders and never discuss money. Hint: Some people order their drink as they are leaving the office to pick up at the bar and by the time they reach their Gin & Tonic is waiting! Talk about solving problems!


Convenience matters! So next time you are waiting for the staff to take your order - remember you have the power to be less frustrated, just place your oder with WAAVE. Because WAAVE integrates with the venue's system your order reaches the bar and the kitchen first.

So whether you're standing in line or at a table, ask yourself a question. Do I deserve priority service, rewards and discounts? If your answer is YES.... #WAAVE4it

Download the WAAVE app here

WAAVE has 120+ F&B outlets, 75 market vendors and countless events every weekend. Give it a try. You'll love us!

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