WAAVE Private Venues

WAAVE Private Venues

Ever wondered why some venues are password protected?

We love to bring you new venues that are hot and happening, but sometimes the happening is all behind closed doors, as many of you have asked us... what is up with these password protected venues??? we decided to write about it.

WAAVE private venues and events are designed to give a closed group of people access to an exclusive system where they can order and pay privately.

To be able to enjoy these venues you must be part of their community, this is the main reason why we do not open access to all WAAVE users

Grain Traders Office Pop Up

Grain Traders has launched their first office experience... if you are lucky enough to work at 90 Eu Tong Sen Street you know what we are talking about.

3 ways to WAAVE ... 1 awesome experience

Order coffee from your desk!

Rather than going to the coffee shop and wait around till your order is made to pay, we encourage you to order from your desk... stay focus... and the app will let you know when you pick up. No time wasted, maximum productive and the ultimate caffeine experience!

Pre-order your Grain Traders bowl for same day delivery

By far the best thing about WAAVE at the office. Order before 10.30 am and you will have your lunch delivered to the office at noon.

You can select one of the original Grain Traders bowls or build your own. Best part of all there are NO DELIVERY charges!

For now we only have same day delivery, but don't worry, doesn't matter how large the group you need to feed the guys at Grain Trader can make it happen!

24/7 WAAVE & Go Fridge

We all need to work late sometimes, so now you can access the Grain Traders Fridge after-hours with WAAVE. Scan the barcode, tap to order and pay and take your drinks and food.

We keep perfect inventory so the guys can replenish the fridge in the morning. This fridge is WAAVE only!

Upstart Alliance

This super cool office runs their pantry on WAAVE, it is password protected cause you have to be part of the team to order there.

If you haven't yet, check them out here they help start ups get their ducks in a row at super reasonable costs.

Private Events

Many Times we have events that are by invitation only, so you need to be in the guest list to access the ticket sale and their bar ordering system through WAAVE. If you want to be part of more of these events we usually extend exclusive invitations through our Facebook page... give us a like to stay in the know

Clubs and Activities

Sports on WAAVE? Why not!

The Gaelic Dragons row themselves in shape every week, super cool activity to get some exercise and socialize. They run their daily purchases and event enrollment on WAAVE if you want to learn more check them out here

Feeling Funky? Join Funky Fitness. One personal trainer that won't let you fail runs his bootcamps on WAAVE find out more and get the password to sign up

If you have questions about our private events or venues send us an email to 411@getwaave.com and we'll let you know how to be part of the action.

If you have a party or a venue and you would like to learn more about our password protected service send us a quick message we will get back to you ASAP

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