WAAVE Stores

WAAVE Stores

WAAVE has over 100+ vendors that let you order with the app even if you are off the grid, and some off them will even deliver.. here are some highlights of our favorite things to order on WAAVE!

Eat, Drink & Be Merry even if you don't plan to leave the house

A different kind of "venue" in the app, that allows you to place an order in advance and collect at a shop or request delivery.

Wine, Beer, Top Quality Meats and Artisan Sausages are some of the delightful items you will find on WAAVE today.

Welcome our new Stores!

Sidecar Sausages

Sidecar sausages deliver the next day...

You know these guys from Sunday on the Hill and we are sure you miss their food all week long! so go ahead an order on WAAVE take 20% off on your first order!


Indigo Wines

Quality wine, a few taps away!

Superb wines at a great value, delivered to your home the next day. Go for the packs and explore a little, take our word you will absolutely love them. If you want to taste them first please be sure to turn your WAAVE notifications on and we will send you an alert the next time they do a pop up event


Stockade Brew Co

Craft Beer is a massive deal in Singapore these days and you might be missing out if you don't try all the wonderful brews available. To get a head start in the game explore the Stockade Brew Co store in WAAVE... want a taste before you buy? Stockade beers are available at many WAAVE venues. Try Five Marbles and Hero's for example! Use WAAVE table service and enjoy faster service everywhere you go. You can also check out the tasting guide here



Healthy snacks that live under the mantra FOOD • PLANT-BASED • RAW

Making "good for you" yummy to eat is not an easy task so we are very happy to have Kroodi join the first group of WAAVE stores to bring you yummy-good-for-you treats for the holidays, you should stock up for January when the holiday's guilt kicks in!

We recommend you have a bunch of these snack in your gym bag they are natural energy enhancers!


Pro Tip: Go to your profile and enter your delivery address and phone number, you will then be ready to WAAVE at a WAAVE Store...

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