We are stacking up the rewards for you...

We are stacking up the rewards for you...

Learn all about loyalty on WAAVE... Each venue will have a different offer, but you will soon find out that ordering with WAAVE gives you the best rewards and ALWAYS better service!

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How sweet it is to be loved by WAAVE....

What's the number one reason you use WAAVE?

Because you value convenience! You don't like to wait in line, you do not want to wait for service, the menu, the bill, the split the check nightmare... And you like being in control of your spending... WAAVE-ing means you never have to double check a bill again.

But because we know you like to be rewarded, and you are super-loyal to your favorite venues we give you all sorts of benefits for WAAVE-ing. Each venue tailors their offering just for you, here is what you get everywhere you go on WAAVE.

LOYALTY STAMPS: We are creatures of habit so why not get freebies for ordering your coffees from the same place. And it is not just coffee! cocktails, beers, beer buckets, set lunches, healthy bowls... you name it we have a digital stamp for it!

MEMBERSHIPS: Can you say Card-less? Once you have a membership for a venue your discounts are reflected automatically in the app...While every one else pays full price ...shhhh! you enjoy the best deal. Some memberships are paid and other are free you can get them online or ask your server for a Membership Token

WAAVE OFF-PEAK: Avoid the rush and get deeper discounts. No reservations needed. Let's say you can have your lunch at 2 pm rather than noon, that might save you 30% on your order. We advertise the Off Peak times in app and venues can go as enticing at 50% off!

WAAVE Bottles: Bottle service goes virtual with WAAVE! Get a bottle and instead of having to store it at the bar and forget about it, you get 26 individual shorts to come back and claim whenever you want... They don't expire and you can customize them each time you order them

Drink Card: When a venue offers a drink card you buy the full card and get individual drinks ready to redeem at anytime

They might be offering an experience like a Beer Passport or just a good deal on your favorite cocktails!

WAAVE Dining Voucher: It pays off you plan ahead... Pre-purchase a Voucher for your favorite restaurant ahead of time and get more bang for your money. Vouchers are purchased online and they appear in-app for you to apply to your WAAVE order.

Awesome Free Memberships: Freehouse, Club Meatballs, Monte Carlo Boys

Great value Paid Memberships: The Merry Lion, Craft Brew Asia

WAAVE Off-Peak: Everywhere! Try a late lunch at Urban Mix or afternoon tea at Gallery & Co

Drink Cards: Two of our favorites The Brightside 50 drinks card and Fudebar Cafe one month of FREE Coffee

WAAVE Dining Vouchers: New on WAAVE Little Creatures Dinner Voucher save 15% :) buy as many as you want!

Are you ready to WAAVE yet? If you are Download the app and start getting exactly what you want faster!

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