What to expect at Craft Festival Singapore 2018

What to expect at Craft Festival Singapore 2018

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

Endless beers, really great food, happy people and fun times. What more can you really ask for? We'll tell you... Faster service and an easier life. That's what WAAVE is for!

Bring your friends... this one is a good one!

September 21-23 is just around the corner and here is a quick guide of what to expect when you join us!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday all have something special to offer...

First things first, the BEER!

The line up is endless...

Trouble Brewing is bringing some very special kegs to share... did you know they can customize a Craft Beer just for you? Check it out This guys will be giving you a welcome beer if your ticket includes one!

A little cherub is running around and when he shows up you know you are in for a very drinkable, very refreshing experience. Little Creatures Brewing brings all the classic an a unique collaboration with Heart of Darkness called Creatures of Darkness. The WAAVE team is all about Dog Days these days... try it and you will find out why!

The guys from Rouge Merchants are bringing the full line of Mountain Goat... but keep an eye on their ciders if you have a passion for sweet things we are eyeing the Strawberry and Vanilla one!

If you have played with us before you know that Pirate Life and WAAVE a long history of collaborating... we love their stuff at events and at WAAVE venues like Freehouse!

Even Pasteur Street will make an appearance with the Beer Connoisseur. Look out for the award winning Passionfruit Wheat that first popped up in Singapore during CRAFT Singapore 2016

CRAFT Spirits

Looks like the game here is around the magnificent gin & tonic! Try them all find out how they are different and enjoy the many many cocktails that are available during this three-day event

Tanglin Gin, the first new gin distillery in Singapore for over forty years, and these guys' passion translates to their product. Make a note to stop by their stall

CRAFT Coffee at the WAAVEBar

This is the first time that WAAVE not only sells the tickets to an event, runs all the orders but also has it's own stall... we must have a good reason to go this nuts!

We are launching the WAAVEBar, the first fully automated, self-service bar in town where you can order with your phone and enjoy your drink in 3 seconds! This is out first IOT project (the Internet of Things for those of you who are only geeky about your beers!)

For Craft Singapore we are bringing you BOOTSTRAP Cold Brew Coffee, a craft coffee from Bali that is rocking the island... We will give you a virgin version and a boozy version.

We are going traditional with a STRONG brew and a bit out there with a Milk and Manuka option. There will also we a boozy only Coffee Coconut Manuka Cocktail... This bar does not accept drink coupons only WAAVE orders! #Techalltheway

The FOOD I tell you!

With Vatos Urban Tacos and Sidecar Sausages you can imagine the kind of bites you'll enjoy. These two veterans of events feed people fast (even faster with WAAVE) and keep people happy. For Vatos, keep an eye on the short rib tacos... for Sidecar we are intrigued by their Beef Brisket Roll and their SUNDAY ONLY Bacon Roll. We don't have a menu yet from the guys at The 1925 Brewing Co. but we are very much hoping to see their duck on WAAVE! Read more about food and craft beer here

The entertainment

BLACKOUT AGENCY is in charge of the entertainment and we know how much you are going to enjoy that! See the full line up here We must highlight that on Saturday night you will have full access to a Ritual Party what a treat!

Kids will have their fun too at the Sunday brunch, super family friendly day with multiple activities for the little ones!

The Shopping!

Saturday and Sunday you will have access to the pop up market, expect to see many of the regulars from previous Sunday Socials and shop shop shop with WAAVE... no ATMs around so arrive #WAAAVReady

Need tickets? Get them right here

Oh yeah! Craft Pong is on too! don't miss out!

Finally, this is a doggy friendly event the Showoff! team and the WAAVE Team will bring their dogs to work all weekend. If you are the proud owner of a Singapore Special get your ticket here and you will enjoy a little discounts. YES you must bring your dog for the ticket to be valid :)

WAAVE has a soft spot for doggy friendly venues

See you next wekend!

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