You voted! Best October venues on WAAVE

You voted! Best October venues on WAAVE

Every month we ask you what you love and what you really really love and you tell us all sorts of things that are cool out there and that other WAAVE-ers should not miss out on

Coastes - Best New Venue

We are finally live at Coastes and the best thing is that you are loving it! We hear that the WAAVE service is impeccable and every table is perfectly numbered so all you have to do take a seat, enjoy the beach and get your food and drinks faster and without queueing.

We are so happy this new comer is taking to WAAVE like fish to water! Don't forget your swimmers... See Menu in app

Miss G's - Best lunch service when crowded

When the place is packed and you can't even see the staff, this is the place to WAAVE for lunch. It has been voted AGAIN the Best Lunch Service at peak hours... This is a tall order guys, but we are so happy it is working so well.... Keep coming back for more you get 5% off during lunch dine-in or takeaway ... Miss G is a gem if you want a healthy lunch in the CBD. See Menu in app

Club Meatballs - Most improved operations

Club Meatballs was voted "Most improved" on WAAVE and we are so happy to see this as we have been working together to ensure your WAAVE experience there is as awesome as their staff is nice! This is now a WAAVE Priority Bar, this means that if you order with your phone your drinks will reach the bartender before anyone else's. We are 100% integrated with their operations and you should take full advantage of this. Plus... have you seen the new menu? It is amazing! See Menu in app

Pandora's Garden - Best Party Space

Pandora's Garden is now officially open and you voted their opening party as the best party of the month... we are going to guess that the 3 hours FREE FLOW did the trick, but now that you know where it is... keep coming back cause you will love the picnic theme, rose wine filled fridges and the homemade pate! See Menu in app

Download WAAVE, explore the app and make sure you turn on your notification cause you do not want to miss a thing!!

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