Your phone has never been this good for you! 📲 😉 🥙

Your phone has never been this good for you! 📲 😉 🥙

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

Ok guys, we know you WAAVE-ers like to drink (and we love you for it) but this time we're helping you discover some awesome healthy options, including some that are BRAND NEW on WAAVE!


Urban Mix by Vatos Urban Tacos: Fresh bowls, just the way you like them. Customise to your heart's content, right in the heart of the CBD! Perfect for all you inner-city dwellers to balance out all the long lunches and after-work cocktails ;)

Bakery & Bar Be it freshly baked in-house sourdough bread, a pasta salad, a chicken panini, or a more decadent comfort-food-style dinner - you're in good hands here. Mark is usually pottering around in the kitchen cooking & baking, and it's all good honest food! The coffee and smoothies are good, the cakes and bakes are better... And the craft beers and (free-flow) Prosecco are worth mentioning! 10% off if you're a member of Craft Brew Asia ;)

Camp Kilo's VEGAN DAY OUT (Past Event)

Thank you to so many of you for joining us at Camp Kilo Charcoal Club for a Vegan Day Out, where vegans, vegetarians, omnivores, pescetarians, and meatarians (yes, everyone's invited - even breatharians!) came out to play! It doesn't matter what kind of diet or lifestyle you have, everyone loves good food and good vibes.

You can wait in line... or you can order comfortably and conveniently from your table. Faster service, more rewards. #WAAVE4it!

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