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Your payment failed, let's troubleshoot this together.

1. Your Phone number format (this affects international users the most)

We see this one a lot! 
If you are not in Canada or the USA you need to find your country in the drop menu to select the correct country code. Here is an example of a Phone number in the UK:

a. Select your country code

b. If your number starts with a ZERO you will most likely need to remove it.

So for example, your local number is: 0712345436  Then your international format phone number is: +44 712345436

2. Incorrect billing address

AVS_RESPONSE_NOT_ACCEPTED: This happens when you enter the wrong billing zip code. Make sure you are entering the Billing Address correctly and entering a Shipping Address if these are not the same.


NOTE: When the AVS check fails the bank might place the payment as pending, if your customers reach out be sure to tell them to wait a few weeks as the pending charge should clear on its own.

3. Using alternative names for the payment or using a fake phone number

We do loads of fraud control, so real info, really matters. We know that sometimes you want to protect your personal info, but you do not have to worry, we protect your information and anonymity. So please make sure all info is real and it matches the information your bank has for your card. 

4. Insufficient funds (If you are using a pre-paid, this might apply to you)

"Insufficient funds" is more common than you think. When you use your debit card, you might think your salary has cleared but perhaps it did not.
Please note that many Pre-Paid cards have hidden fees so if you are paying $49 and your balance is $50 you might not be able to complete the purchase if the fees your card imposes are greater than $1.

5. You are in a country we cannot support

We currently only accommodate payments from these countries: Australia (AU), Austria (AT), Belgium (BE), Canada (CA), Costa Rica (CR), Denmark (DK), Finland (FI), France (FR), Germany (DE), Great Britain (GB), Greece (GR), Hong Kong (HK), Iceland (IS), Ireland (IE), Israel (IL), Italy (IT), Japan (JP), Luxembourg (LU), Mexico (MX), New Zealand (NZ), Norway (NO), Peru (PE),  Poland (PL), Portugal (PT), Slovakia (SK), Slovenia (SI), South Africa (ZA), Spain (ES), Sweden (SE), Switzerland (CH), The Netherlands (NL)

6. Bank Fraud Alerts and 2FA requirements

This one is tricky, but you should know your bank fraud tools and practices. If your bank sends you an SMS or an email to verify the authenticity of your purchase this could be the reason why your order fails. Make sure you approve any incoming bank warnings that relate to your WAAVE Payment. 

7. VPN

If you are using a VPN you take the risk of the IP being routed to a State or country where we do not process payments, this can potentially trigger our fraud red flags and block your payment.

8. Everything is correct and my transaction still fails!

Everything is correct and my transaction still fails!

We hope the first 7 pointers solved your problem, but sometimes a particular credit card may not be used on WAAVE, this is due to your issuing bank rules.
If your bank rejects the purchase:

  • Always try a card if you are unable to use your favorite one.

  • Contact your issuing bank to authorize the purchase and try again later.

  • We work with multiple processors, and they are not all available at the same time, so you might want to try the order a few hours later or the next day.

  • Reach out to our team via email at or through our contact form  You can also chat with BOT and ask for a human if it gets too frustrating

WAAVE Payment troubleshooting - Country
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