WAAVE | Get Early Access and $5 in WAAVE credits from us

* You must be 21+ to join WAAVE. 

You don't always have cash in your pocket when you visit a dispensary, wouldn't it be nice to use your credit card instead? 

Welcome to WAAVE

The app that will change the way you get rewarded for buying the things you enjoy the most.

Top 5 reasons why people love this app and why you should request Early Access:

1. CASHBACK everywhere! You earn cashback every time you use WAAVE.

2. You can link your credit card to the app to go completely cashless, it takes 3 minutes to download, register, and start transacting. No top-up necessary.

3. All the rewards without having to check-in with your phone number or your email at every merchant you visit. We protect your privacy all the way...

4. Our Beta Community gets $5 to use on their first order, no strings attached. (We have less than 100 available spots left)

5. The app is new in Portland, our Beta community will have first dibs on our "Share your code" campaign. So count your friends, each of them is equal to $3 in your WAAVE app, all you have to do is send an invite. That's a lot of free shopping to be done!

" The tech is so easy that I couldn't find an excuse not to use it" - Stephen

" We love the cashback, never thought we'll see this level of rewards at dispensaries" - J + E

" Payment options!!!!!!! finally, an app that doesn't ask for my social security number to help me go cashless" - Linda

" I earned $210 dollars by inviting my friends, I was lucky to join the first group of early adopters. Can't wait for the program to start again" -Jules

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