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When you visit a WAAVE Merchant, please wear a mask

Image by Vladislav Klapin

We are happy to have you here!

We'll keep you updated on all things WAAVE. Keep an eye on your news because we will be sharing promo codes, special offers, and other ways to do more with your WAAVE credits.

Credit Vs Debit Cards: Best way to go cashless with WAAVE

With the app, you are able to use both credit cards and debit cards to pay with your phone at your favorite cash-only store.

The biggest difference will be any fees your bank might charge when you use your credit card. 
Some banks in the US are now charging up to $10 in fees for this kind of transaction. Yikes!

To be 100% sure your bank does not charge you a single penny attach your DEBIT CARD to Apple Pay or directly to WAAVE app


When you place your first order the app will ask you for your billing info. We need this to be accurate to successfully process your order. 
This happens only once, your second order will be absolutely friction free!


Issues with a transaction?

WAAVE uses sophisticated anti-fraud tools to protect you when you shop online or at your favorite retail stores. It is important you enter the correct information when you verify a new debit or credit card (Don't worry, you only have to verify a card ONCE)

My Apple Pay transaction failed.

Please make sure the email you used to create your WAAVE account matches the email Apple Pay has under "Contact"
If it doesn't, Apple Pay will reject the transaction.

Easy Fix: Tap on "Contact" within your Apple Pay authorization screen and select or add the email you used for WAAVE to your Apple Pay wallet.

Note: You can't use Apple Card on WAAVE, please make sure you add your debit card for super fast and fee-free payments.

My OTP verification failed.

You have most likely entered inaccurate billing info. Please make sure you enter your full address.

Easy Fix: Add a different card for this order, it is the fastest way to get you WAAVE-ing

Still need help? Hit us on Messanger, you'll see the icon on this screen.

Order your Free WAAVE stickers.

If your local store ran out of stickers we have plenty in the office and look forward to sharing them with you. 
We'll mail them to your billing address in your profile. If you have not added a debit card yet, go ahead and set up your account before you order

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