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WAAVE Cashback

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

The most rewarding way to shop..yet!

Our coolest feature EVER, launches in July... CASHBACK IS HERE!

That is right! every transaction on WAAVE earns you cashback to apply to your next order.

But how does this awesomeness work, you ask?

Easy! like everything, we develop for you.

1. You can earn cashback by ordering from the menu or by using WAAVEPay

First of all, check out the promo tab inside the venue you are heading to, that is where you find out what's available and the percentage of cashback they offer you.

Some venues may go as high as 20%! Yeayyyy!

2. Place your order and the app will tell you how much you earned!

3. Your available balance will show up under FREEBIES in the menu, in the main WAAVEPay screen, and in the Promo Tab...

4. Boom! Apply your cashback to your next order OR accumulate it until you have a whole lot of spending power!

Power up your CASHBACK

Use a credit card that gives you cashback and get double the bang for your spending.

Remember, if you Top Up WAAVE Credits in advance you get an even deeper discount everywhere you go as there are no convenience fees!

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