1. What kind of service does WAAVE provide?

WAAVE services vary from venue to venue or event. You can use “Pick up at the bar” this is usually the only mode available at events. “Table Service” allows you to add a table number to your order so the staff can easily bring the order to you. “Takeaway” is the best option when you want to order your food from home or the office and swing by to pick it up. You avoid the queue and waiting to pay! Just specify your pick up time, the app will send you a push notification when the order is accepted and when it is ready to be picked up (hint! This is why we need your push notifications on)


2. How do I place an order?

Check-in at any of our partner venues and you will have access to their menu or list of products. Select the items you wish to order and they will be added to your cart.

Go to your cart, to review the order. Here you can select if you want to pay with Credits, Apple Pay or Android Pay or Add a credit card instead, just tap on the funding option

Please remember that once you tap on the red button ORDER AND PAY the credits will be deducted from your preferred payment method and the order will go directly to the vendor. There is no second confirmation unless you are using Apple Pay and Android Pay


3. How do I pay for my drinks, food, tickets and other store items?

You have two ways to order and pay with WAAVE:

  1. Top Up in Advance: This means you buy WAAVE credits for a set amount and you can then pay with credits everywhere you go. There are no convenience fees associated with these transactions.

  2. WAAVE As You Go: Allows you to add your Visa MasterCard, AMEX or PayPal and place transactions without having to Top Up first, the exact amount of your bill is converted to credits and applied to an order. You can also use Apple Pay and Android Pay. There is a convenience fee per transaction when you WAAVE as you go.


4. How do I get my items?

Like in any bar when it gets busy you might have to remind the bartender or your waiter that you have a WAAVE order on the way. When your orders arrive at the table please show the staff your in-app receipt, he/she will type a verification code on your screen.

The process is the same at events or when you pick up your takeaway. GREEN ORDERS are orders in progress while ORANGE ORDERS are completed orders

That’s it! You are riding the cashless WAAVE. you have ordered and paid with your phone.


5. Can I change an order I already placed? 


Yes. You will have to ask the server to cancel the current order and place a new one.


6. How do I cancel an order?

You have to cancel an order the old-fashioned way. Get your server’s attention and let them know you have changed your mind. It is up to the bar manager to accept this cancellation or not and that will depend on whether your order has been prepared or not. If they agree to cancel your order, this receipt will show in your Wallet under Transaction screen as CANCELLED. This means your credits will be refunded to your "wallet" immediately. If you use WAAVE-as-you-go the cancellation will be done ONLY in credits. You can apply this credit to your next order. (but for the time being you cannot mix payment methods)


7. How do I top up WAAVE / Buy Credits?

Go to your Activity and tap on Payment You want to select TOP UP WAAVE Credits, once you have added a payment method you can select the amount you want to top up.

You can add a card manually or by scanning it. Once your card is in the system you can top up with one click! Add as many cards as you want, work, personal etc because you can select a different one every time you add credits.


8. Can I combine credits and other payment forms to pay for one single transaction? 

Not yet. We are working on it

9. Do my credits expire? 


Your WAAVE credits will expire only if you have let your account go dormant for 6 months since your last WAAVE order. We'll let you know before this happens.

Can I recover expired credits? 



10. How can I cash out my remaining balance?


WAAVE is a closed-loop system so we are unable to cash out your credits, you can spend them all over Singapore, you can send them to friends as credits or as a gift. WAAVE credits are not store value, they are a product that you purchase from WAAVE.

11. Can I ask for a refund for credits? 


Yes, we can refund the full amount only of a top up if you have accidentally topped up one too many times, the amount to be refunded needs to be exactly the same as you have topped up in a single transaction.


12. How do I use a WAAVE Ticket for an event?


If you bought your ticket through the WAAVE online portal you need to login to the app with the exact same email as password, this means if you originally registered with Facebook, you need to sign into the WAAVE app with Facebook. Your tickets are under Activity > Transactions. You MUST show the in-app ticket receipt at the door for verification when you use WAAVE and email confirmation is not proof of purchase. If you do not show the in-app ticket at the door you may be denied entry to the party.


13. How do I keep track of my purchases?

In Activity under the Transactions tab, you will see all transactions on your account. When you add credit, or spend credit at a venue. Also, you will be able to view how many gifts you sent and/or received through WAAVE. Your tickets are there as well!

Think of this screen as your real wallet, your credit cards are there, your cash, your gift cards or vouchers and all your daily receipts.


14. What happens if I walk away before I receive my order?

The venue considers a WAAVE order equivalent to a traditional order so if you walk away without successfully canceling your drinks with the staff, or you do not approach them for a missing order, that transaction will be a valid transaction and it will show in your Wallet under Transactions as CHARGED. We do not refund these transactions so if you are missing an item in your order please contact the venue manager immediately to rectify the situation.


15. Can another person get my drinks?

While anything can happen due to human error, the WAAVE system helps minimize the possibility of this. Your username must match the order and the OTP for that transaction. This makes it impossible for another user to get your drinks at the bar. If they do, you can still claim your order with the staff as your receipt would still be in progress which is proof you did not receive your drinks or food.


16. Are there any additional charges?

In some cases, there might be a convenience fee. All applicable fees, charges, and taxes are detailed in your tab and in your receipt. There are no hidden fees, you will see exactly how much you are paying before you place the order, you will also see how much you SAVE with WAAVE.


17. Do I get a discount for using WAAVE?

In many cases venues offer a discounted price or special promotional prices to WAAVE users for ordering and paying with the App. These promotions are detailed in the as promotional banners in each venue menu. Venue offer vary and sometimes discounts do not apply on Happy Hour prices or promotional items. Evert receipt clearly states how much you SAVE WITH WAAVE.


18. What is a membership? 

Memberships or loyalty programs are venue initiative to reward you for your patronage. If you are a regular at a specific venue you might want to ask them for a Membership code. WAAVE has digitalised many memberships around town for sport teams, VIP rewards, Sentosa Islander etc…


19. What is the refund policy for tickets? 

When you buy a ticket through WAAVE you are subject to the terms and conditions the organiser imposes. Some organisers allow refunds some other don’t. In any case, no refund will be given AFTER the event has passed.

You can always email us at Hey@getwaave.com to get more details regarding a specific event.


20. Can I ask for a refund for an order I received at a restaurant? 

No, we are not responsible for refunds for orders delivered by a WAAVE venue. If you have an issue with the quality of the items, you must address this while at the venue. The venue manager is the only one who can refund an order after it has been delivered and verified. In the case of a venue refund, your credits will appear back in your wallet automatically even if you WAAVE as you go. Venues cannot refund to a credit card directly


21. Can someone else use my account?

Only if you share with them your login credentials, so we suggest you keep your username and password private and set up a Passcode for your device. If you have any additional questions please email us to FAQ@getwaave.com


22. Can I send money through WAAVE? 

No. You can send and receive WAAVE credits only. These credits have no monetary value and have to be used at verified WAAVE venues only. Once you receive credits from a friend these credits fall under our TOS and regulations. WAAVE credits have no store value and they cannot be exchanged for money. You will be able to use them to order F&B items within the WAAVE ecosystem only. This feature is not available in the US right now. 


23. Can I send a drink through WAAVE? 

Yes. You can send and receive drinks through WAAVE, the item is associated with a specific venue, so you will have to first select where your friend will redeem your gift and then select which item you will be sending. 

This feature is not available in the US right now. 


24. Can I create multiple accounts with different emails to exploit your generous promo codes?


No. You cannot. We take Promo Code Fraud pretty seriously around here and we reserve the right to freeze your account and block access to all credits if we suspect multiple accounts are related. This freeze will apply regardless of how many credits you have. And you guessed it right, we can always tell when accounts are fraudulently connected. We love to give you freebies, don't make us regret it.


25. If I know the verification code for a venue, is it ok if I close the order myself? 

Only if you don't care whether you get your items or not! Once the order is marked as completed you will have no recourse of complaint about orders not delivered to your table, so it is much better to just let the staff close your order once you received all items!


26. Can WAAVE venues reject WAAVE orders? 

We would like to say no, but sometimes inexperienced staff makes mistakes and might try to turn you away. Oh, what to do? Always let us know! you help us keep the quality of service out there and tend to be very grateful to those who care enough to reach out.

27. How do I use WAAVEPay at cash-only merchants?

At cash-only merchants, you are able to scan a QR Code at the counter to enter the exact amount you want to pay. The app will let purchase USDc to send directly to the merchant. You are making a Crypto transaction where you but and spend crypto with a single tap. 

28. Does this mean that WAAVE Credits are actually USDC?

Yes, but you do not have a crypto wallet with WAAVE or any of our processing partners.

29. Are there additional charges? 
WAAVE has a small convenience fee, much lower than any ATM fee. If you link your credit card to WAAVE some banks will charge a cash advance fee. This fee is completely out of our control. To avoid this altogether you can simply link your debit card.
We are constantly expanding our payment providers, and we will let you know when new options come onboard.

30. Do you verify that merchants have all the licenses to operate at their location?
Absolutely. Before onboarding a merchant we implement a rigorous KYC onboarding. 

31. Can I use WAAVE if I am under 21 years old?
Not really, you can play with the app but you will not be allowed in a bar or in a cash-only retailer.


32. Can I get a refund for WAAVEPay transaction?
All refunds need to be authorized by the merchant where the original order was placed. A merchant can cancel and order, in which case you will have the spent amount returned to you in WAAVE credits and you will be able to use it for your next order. If an actual refund is needed you can use this form to submit it.


33. How does Cashback work?

Cashback is a reward given to you by the merchant. The accumulation and spending of cashback is merchant-specific. 
As soon as you place an in-app order you will receive a notification with the amount you have earned. That cashback will be available for you to apply to another the next day. You can let cashback accumulate or spend it as fast as you earn it. To see your lifetime earnings, your pending cashback, and your available cashback go to the Information screen of the merchant in question.


34. Can I deposit my cashback into my bank account or credit card statement?
No, you can only spend it at the store where you earned it


35. Does WAAVE give me other rewards?
We have many rewards coming your way. Make sure you register with us to stay up to date on all things WAAVE.



- The WAAVE Team

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