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1. What kind of service does WAAVE provide?

WAAVE services vary from venue to venue or event. and from country to country. You can use “Pick up at the bar” this is usually the only mode available at events. “Table Service” allows you to add a table number to your order so the staff can easily bring the order to you. “Takeaway” is the best option when you want to order your food from home or the office and swing by to pick it up. You avoid the queue and waiting to pay! Just specify your pick up time, the app will send you a push notification when the order is accepted and when it is ready to be picked up (hint! This is why we need your push notifications on)

In the US WAAVEPay is used at retailers / merchants to pay for your shopping using WAAVE credits. Don't worry, no need to top up or buy in advance if you don't want to. It is as simple as linking your card to the app.

You can also use WAAVE when you are checking out at eCommerce sites all over the world.


If you are wondering why WAAVE instead of other tools for payments, is because our payments are crypto payments. You are effectively paying in crypto without having to learn a single thing about the blockchain. We work in this ecosystem to make sure all legal merchants enjoy the tools that they deserve and so you can expand your payment options at your favorite stores and websites.


2. How do I place an order with the app?

Check-in at any of our partner venues and you will have access to their menu or list of products. Select the items you wish to order and they will be added to your cart.

Go to your cart, to review the order. Here you can select if you want to pay with Credits, Apple Pay or Android Pay, or Add a credit card instead, just tap on the funding option

Please remember that once you tap on the red button ORDER AND PAY the credits will be deducted from your preferred payment method and the order will go directly to the vendor. There is no second confirmation unless you are using Apple Pay and Android Pay


3. How do I pay for store items?

When a merchant accepts WAAVE you will see a QR Code near the register, all you have to do is scan it with your camera to open their payment screen. Enter the amount you want to pay and follow the instruction on your screen.

a. Add a payment method
b. Hold down the button to pay

c. The transaction will process, be patient this is crypto and it will take a bit longer than a regular payment

d. Your receipt will turn green

e. The staff will enter a 4 digit pin on your phone to close the transaction (with COVID, they will tell you the code so you can enter it yourself.
Please know that once the receipt is GREEN you have already paid, if the transaction is not closed it does not make your payment go away. Closing the transaction tells the system you are walking away with your goodies.

4. How do I pay with WAAVE online?

You will be using our WAAVE Checkout widget, the first time you encounter this widget you need to register to start using the system. Please know that you do not need the app at all when you are buying items online.
Once you register, add your card and follow the screens, the process is very similar to the way you pay for items with PayPal. When you are returning to the widget all you have to do is login and select the card you want to use.

5. Does WAAVE offer any protections for my purchase?

Absolutely, we have a Payment Protection Program that expedites your communication with the merchant to ensure there is a satisfactory resolution to any problem you might have.

Follow this link to escalate an issue with the WAAVE Team

WAAVE does an intense KYC on every merchant we onboard, so whenever you see the WAAVE checkout on a site, you know that the merchant is reputable.

6. How do I troubleshoot my payment, I have tried a few times and it keeps failing?

Our system requires additional information to successfully process your payment.
For example, we check that your entire billing address matches the information your bank has. So please double-check that the addres is correct. 
Here is an entire troubleshooting section: Help, my order fails!

Still having issues? Contact the support team here: Chat  a WAAVE customer support rep will appear to assist you.
Note that live support is around between 10 am and 10 pm Pacific Time, we are in rainy Portland Oregon, so do forgive us if we miss you. As long as you leave your email, we will be able to follow up via email.

6. Can I ask for a refund?


Yes, you can definitely request a refund if for whatever reason something has gone wrong with the process or if you accidentally paid the wrong amount. Request a refund

If you have an issue with the product you purchase at a store or online please contact the merchant first. They will be better equipped to help you with all product-related problems, WAAVE can only address payment questions. If you feel the communication is not flowing as it should or if you need us to intervene, don't worry you are covered by our Payment Protection Program.


7. Are there any additional charges?

For in-store purchases, there might be a convenience fee. All applicable fees, charges, and taxes are detailed in your tab and in your receipt. There are no hidden fees, you will see exactly how much you are paying before you place the order.
We do not have any additional fees when you use WAAVE Checkout or WaaveComplete on your favorite sites. Understanding my fees

if at any time you encounter a wallet fee while using WAAVE online it is because that merchant requires a special processing setup, but do not worry fees are never hidden and always displayed prior to processing payment.

8. Can someone else use my account?

Only if you share with them your login credentials, so we suggest you keep your username and password private and set up a Passcode for your devices.

9. Is WAAVE actually safe?

Very! We do not store any card information and we tokenize your payment info very much as a bank does. So using WAAVE is much safer than entering your credit card information on multiple websites.


10. Can I create multiple accounts with different emails to exploit your generous promo codes?

No. You cannot. We take Promo Code Fraud pretty seriously around here and we reserve the right to freeze your account and block access to all credits if we suspect multiple accounts are related. This freeze will apply regardless of how many credits you have. And you guessed it right, we can always tell when accounts are fraudulently connected. We love to give you freebies, don't make us regret it.


11. If I know the verification code for a venue, is it ok if I close the order myself?

Only if you don't care whether you get your items or not! Once the order is marked as completed you will have no recourse of complaint about orders not delivered to your table, so it is much better to just let the staff close your order once you received all items!
Due to COVID-19 the staff will not touch your phone, so you will have to enter the verification code yourself.
This does not apply to WAAVE Checkout payments, only to WAAVEPay and WAAVE Order through the app.

12. Do you verify that merchants have all the licenses to operate at their location?
Absolutely. Before onboarding a merchant we implement a rigorous KYC onboarding.

13. Can I use WAAVE if I am under 21 years old?
Only if you are buying a product that has an age requirement. 


17. How does Cashback work?

Cashback is a reward given to you by the merchant. The accumulation and spending of cashback are merchant-specific.
As soon as you place an in-app order you will receive a notification with the amount you have earned. That cashback will be available for you to apply to another the next day. You can let cashback accumulate or spend it as fast as you earn it. To see your lifetime earnings, your pending cashback, and your available cashback go to the Information screen of the merchant in question.

You are not able to collect cashback through the WAAVE Checkout, yet!


18. Can I deposit my cashback into my bank account or credit card statement?
No, you can only spend it at the store where you earned it


19. Does WAAVE give me other rewards?
We have many rewards coming your way. Make sure you register with us to stay up to date on all things WAAVE.

20. Does WAAVE work all over the world?
No, most of our partners are in the US. You will find a few sites in Canada and Europe

WAAVE only process credit cards from these countries:  Australia (AU), Austria (AT), Belgium (BE), Canada (CA), Costa Rica (CR), Denmark (DK), Finland (FI), France (FR), Germany (DE), Great Britain (GB), Greece (GR), Hong Kong (HK), Iceland (IS), Ireland (IE), Israel (IL), Italy (IT), Japan (JP), Luxembourg (LU), Mexico (MX), New Zealand (NZ), Norway (NO), Peru (PE),  Poland (PL), Portugal (PT), Slovakia (SK), Slovenia (SI), South Africa (ZA), Spain (ES), Sweden (SE), Switzerland (CH), The Netherlands (NL)

We are constantly adding new vendors and resources so expect these limitations to be lifted at some point

21. What will I see in my statement?

You will see the merchant's name and sometimes only WAAVE depending on where you shopped

If you have questions that we have not covered feel free you email us


- The WAAVE Team

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